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    An example is Finnish, where a colon is used to separate inflection from the letters: An acronym is pronounced as a word: Nato nato Natoon naton "into Nato Nasalta "from nasa " An acronym is pronounced as letters. For example, " messenger RNA " and " transfer RNA " become "mRNA" and "tRNA". Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary (2003 Barnes Noble. UU., for Estados Unidos United States. The girls and ladies listed here are among the best and the hottest ones around. Retrieved April 25, 2013. Often a writer will add an 's' following an apostrophe, as in "PC's". Recursive acronyms edit Main article: Recursive acronym A special type of macronym, the recursive acronym, has letters whose expansion refers back to the macronym itself. Exceptions using initials for numbers include " TLA " three-letter acronym/abbreviation and "GoF" Gang of Four.

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    The website do not control, supervise, investigate or authenticate any of any content as it was given by the users and the site is not responsible for. Port Out, Starboard Home: And Other Language Myths. "Globe Mail (Toronto) 22 May 10/4 Americanization has also largely done away with periods in acronyms and initialisms." "Abbreviations". Browse, search, rate our models, place comments and enjoy! Sexy Linda, escorts Stockholm sweet and sensual escort lady available for erotic private escort services in Stockholm. On the other hand, in speech, the pronunciation "United States's" sometimes is used. (The satirical magazine Frank had proposed alternatives to ccrap, namely sshit and nsdap.) Two Irish Institutes of Technology (Galway and Tralee) chose different acronyms from other institutes when they were upgraded from Regional Technical colleges.

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    Tkyo rather than Sai. Aids to learning the expansion without leaving a document edit In formal writing for a broad audience, the expansion is typically given at the first occurrence of the acronym within a given text, for the benefit. By proceeding further to this site, you agree with our Terms of Service. An example of creating a backronym for comedic effect would be in naming a group or organization, the name "A.C.R.O.N.Y.M" stands for (among other things) "a clever regiment of nerdy young men".

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    My memory is beginning to fail. There is only one known pre-twentieth-century English word with an acronymic origin and it was in vogue for only a short time in 1886. Representing plurals and possessives edit There is a question about how to pluralize acronyms. Citation needed For example, "the onset of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF or "the onset of congestive heart failure (CHF if found in an unpublished manuscript would be rewritten as "the onset of congestive heart failure (CHF in the final published. Such terms are also called initialisms." A clearer distinction has also been drawn by Pyles Algeo (1970 2 who divided acronyms as a general category into word acronyms pronounced as words, and initialisms sounded out as letters. Thus EC (European Community FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation and VCR (videocassette recorder).